Wednesday, October 9, 2013

parachutes for everyone...YO JOE!

saving the world every week is tough

called in for your exceptionally specific skills
having ran the operational drills
always fighting against that veiled commander
who is always spitting JOE slander

time and time again you split into teams
traveling the world deep into weather extremes
looking for that lost satellite part
dodging Storm Shadow’s martial art

always hoping the day for peace will come
when all trace is wiped of COBRA scum
Duke, Flint and all the rest
will be there time and time again with their best

gi joe cartoon half the battle

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fillion fights with a hammer

from sea to sea he was born within
gained his acting chops as Joey Buchanan
pizza places and World War 2 he dabbled
before the slayer that he battled
on to a space western he is most famous for
kicking Reaver ass and flirting with a gold-hearted whore
then another Captain he eventually became
fighting as the Hammer which is also his penis name
Castle the writer showed up a few years later
solving crimes and falling for a lady investigator
his geek cred reaches to every sci-fi and comic event
from Vigilante to Green Lantern his voice has been lent
even the game series Halo he has been heard
he loves his apps, iPhone preferred
his tweets are funny and generous I have observed
he is on a nerd pedestal and rightly deserved